Engaged Advisory Committees: Strengthening Extension Advisory Leaders (SEAL) webinar

The previous SEAL webinar identified relationship marketing roles (Advocates, Door Openers, Cultivators, Solicitors) advisory leaders may play on Extension advisory committees and recognized strategies to strengthen member commitment. This SEAL webinar will focus on successful public engagement. During the webinar, we will explore a framework to ensure we are intentional and realistic in incrementally increasing the level of engagement of our advisory committees and the public. The discussion will include steps (Inform, Consult, Involve, Collaborate and Empower) to increase engagement. The discussion will also draw on the experience of webinar participants to identify additional tools resources and strategies for successful engagement. For more on the Strengthening Extension Advisory Leaders (SEAL) project, go to http://campus.extension.org/course/view.php?id=595.


Allisen Penn, Holli Arp

Event Materials

Created by Eric Kaufman