What the 2012 Elections Mean for Agriculture, Food and Rural Policy

On Wednesday, Nov. 14, the Farm Foundation® Forum will examine What the 2012 Elections Mean for Agriculture, Food and Rural Policy. This Forum will be 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. EST at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

Farm Foundation, NFP has invited a distinguished panel of industry thought leaders to provide their perspectives on the subject. The panel includes:
• Craig Jagger, Legis Consulting
• Ferd Hoefner, Policy Director, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
• Robert Paarlberg, Professor of Political Science, Wellesley College
• Christopher Waldrop, Director of the Food Policy Institute, Consumer Federation of America
• John Hardin, Indiana farmer
• Erik Johnston, Associate Legislative Director for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Association of Counties
Because of strong interest in the topic, especially in light of pending action on the next federal farm legislation, Farm Foundation will webcast this Forum free of charge. We have for several years provided audio of the Forums, however, this will be the first time we have present the Forum as a webcast, allowing people across the country to participate in the live event.

While the webcast provides greater outreach to this Farm Foundation activity, it is also an opportunity for you to provide your students, colleagues or constituents a front-row seat at a two-hour discussion of timely issues facing the food system and rural America.

View the webcast in your class or assign it to your students. Host a meeting of colleagues or constituents to view the webcast together. Or, promote the availability of the webcast to professional colleagues and organizations.

Webcast viewers will hear a range of perspectives from the presenters, learn from the questions asked by the audience in the room, and be able--via the webcast--to ask their own questions of the presenters.

To register, simply go to www.visualwebcaster.com/Farmfoundationforum.

There is no cost to participate. However, participation has a high potential for returns on the information learned and shared through this Forum. We look forward to your participation.

Session archives are at http://www.farmfoundation.org/forums.aspx?year=2012

Created by Beth Raney

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