Critical Conversation: Personal vs. professional identities in social media

As social media becomes an integral part of both our personal lives and our professional activities, the issues surrounding these identities take on increasing importance. This panel discussion will take a look at some of these issues, with the hope of engaging the audience to think about and question the way in which social media identities are created and managed. We will explore "ownership" of an identity or profile, what happens when you leave an organization, who's responsible for the content produced, who "owns" the followers or network, effect of social media policies and terms of service, etc.

Join this dynamic panel of speakers as we explore the issues around professional and personal identities in social media. Special guest, Evan Brown (@internetcases on Twitter), attorney from Chicago, will join several Extension professionals to discuss these considerations.

Panelists: Anne Adrian, Bob Bertsch, Evan Brown, Cheryl Boyer, and Molly Frendo

This critical conversation will be conducted as a Google+ Hangout On Air. Attendees can view and participate in the conversation on the Google+ Event page (link to be posted) or on the Network Literacy CoP YouTube channel ( For more details on eXtension's use of Hangouts On Air see:

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Bob Bertsch, Cheryl Boyer, Molly Frendo, Anne Adrian

Created by Stephen Judd

Primary Audience: Not Set