Small Wind Turbine Physics

John Hay presents info on small wind turbine physics, why turbines are designed to look the way they do, and why the laws of physics are a limiting factor to how much power a turbine can produce. This presentation will give insight to wind turbine design and why some designs are better than others.

This presentation will help you:

1. Improve your knowledge about small wind turbines, design, efficiency,

2. Answer small wind questions for clientele

3. In teaching youth about renewable energy

4. Teach people about the opportunity and limitations of small turbines

5. Understand why it is not a good idea to put wind turbines on buildings
Small wind turbine physics will be the next topic on this Web Seminar Series hosted by John Hay, University of Nebraska and eXtension Farm Energy; held (usually) on the last Friday of the month at 10 AM Central Time, 11 ET, 9 MT, 8 PT.


November 30, 2012 10 AM CT, 11 ET, 9 MT, 8 PT
TOPIC: Small Wind Turbine Physics
Series coordinator John Hay from University of Nebraska will present this webinar, discussing the design of wind turbines and their potential power.

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