Informal Learning Session #6: How the organization impacts informal learning

During the hour-long free Webinar, learn how the organization affects informal learning and strategies for creating a positive learning environment. We will discuss the different roles necessary to develop a positive learning environment. Finally, we will discuss informal learning resources both digital and analog that can be used to facilitate learning at the organization level to include knowledge networks. Using the right strategies can save time and energy.

• List reasons why organizations are looking at informal learning solutions.
• Identify methods for integrating informal learning into day-to-day operations.
• Explain how the different organizational roles help create a positive learning environment.
• List the elements necessary for informal learning resources.
• Discuss the importance of knowledge networks and their elements.

This Webinar will provide valuable tips and best practices for learning how to get the most out of learning opportunities at the organization level. Because we are involved in informal learning each and every day, these sessions are intended to provide you with ideas and strategies to help you get the most of your learning opportunities and help you excel in your career.

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