So you want to raise turkeys

After enjoying turkey for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas are you having thoughts of raising your own for 2013? Dr. Brigid McCrea will be discussing what is involved in raising a home turkey flock.

Dr. McCrea serves as Associate Professor and Extension Poultry Specialist at Delaware State University (DSU). She started her poultry career because of helpful 4-H poultry project leaders and supportive members of the show poultry community. She pursued a B.S. in Avian Sciences from the University of California at Davis. There she met Dr. Francine Bradley and learned from many within the department about opportunities in the field of poultry science. She then received her M.S. in Avian Science at the University of California at Davis under the direction of Dr. Joan Schrader. She received further training as a microbiologist while doing research in the laboratory of Dr. Sacit Bilgili at Auburn University. She received her Ph.D. in Poultry Science and then continued her specialization in small flocks. With multiple research projects related to niche market poultry products, Dr. McCrea is well-versed in both commercial and non-commercial poultry management. She continues her research and extension activities at DSU in niche market poultry production as it relates to both production characteristics and food safety.

Created by Jacquie Jacob

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