Google+ Quickstart

As a social network, Google+ shares traits (ability to share updates, links, photos, and videos) with other large social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Whether it’s connecting with colleagues and friends, finding topical information, or discovering new people with shared interests, Google+ is an amazing tool for building your online network. If you’re not sure what Google+ is, check out our Google+, what’s the fuss? blog post from last year. (

This session will provide an introduction to Google+ with a focus on creating your account, completing your profile, and beginning to use the many features Google+ has to offer. It may be helpful to you to create a Google+ account before the session. We’ve posted instructions in this publicly accessible document: Google+ sign-up instructions (

This session is especially targeted at the people who will be participating in the eXtension Immersive Learning program being sponsored by the State Local Value Enhancement committee which starts the following week.


Stephen Judd

Created by Stephen Judd

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