Analysis & Interpretation

Colleagues--So you've planned, implemented, and collected data for your program... Now what? Every good report and many program improvements depend on knowing how to translate those T/Fs or Agree-Disagree or customer comments into descriptions and conclusions. Dr. Allison Nichols, Evaluation Specialist with West Virginia Extension, will share a map through the maze in our eXtension Evaluation Community of Practice webinar next Wednesday, October 20, from 3-4 PM EST.

Allison will provide practical descriptions of how and why to use statistics and qualitative analysis to make sense of those responses you worked so hard to make that data work just as hard for your program improvement.

Don't forget to bring your headset and come on a few minutes early to check your audio levels. Invite a friend to join in so that you'll have someone to talk with about the webcast afterward. If you can't join in on Wednesday, the webcast will be archived at

Details for the webcast are below:

Session Time: Wednesday, October 20, 3-4PM EST (site opens at 2:45 PM)


Allison Nichols

Created by Beth Raney

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