New Plants for Georgia

Webinar Dec. 4th New Ornamentals for Georgia

Dr. John Ruter has worked for the University of Georgia as a horticulturist and plant breeder for over 22 years and was recently selected to the serve as the Allan Armitage Endowed Professor of Horticulture. Please join us as Dr. Ruter discusses some of his favorit new plant selections.

When: Tuesday, December 4th 11 am

Cost: Still free
Audio: Please dial in at 775-996-3560 then enter room number 715677

By the way, if you haven't discover it yet, you can attend these webinars via smart phone and iPads from the field. You are no longer chained to your desktop for webinars.


Todd Hurt

Created by Todd Hurt


HI Todd, Is there a recording available? We could post this in our national EMG blog monthly update if it were available. Thanks for your response.

Thumb_karenbiopicturesmall-profilepic_ladybirdjohnson Karen Jeannette

about 5 years ago

Hi Karen, Good question. Dr. Ruter has done extensive work on evergreen plant material and its survival in the hot and humid southeast. His talk will focus on plants from the USDA Cold Hardiness zones 6-9a but could have a much broader range. There will be 15 minutes at the end of his talk for q/a if listeners want to know if it will grow in their area.

Avatar_placeholder Todd Hurt

about 5 years ago

This looks interesting, Todd. Are you hoping to have most Georgia gardeners, or do you recommend this for gardeners/Extension Master Gardeners from other states or perhaps hardiness zones, too?

Thumb_karenbiopicturesmall-profilepic_ladybirdjohnson Karen Jeannette

about 5 years ago

Primary Audience: Not Set