Don't Bug Me Webinar: Home Invaders

Every fall insects including ladybugs and kudzu bugs come into houses looking for a place to spend the winter. Learn about these insects and how to evict them. See for more information about this webinar. The images used during the webinar can be viewed here:

Additional information on managing pests in and around the home can be found at:

Presented by Dr. Dan Suiter, Associate Professor and Program Leader-Urban Entomology, University of Georgia.
Hosted by Ellen Huckabay, Regional Extension Agent, Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

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This webinar is part of the 2013 Don't Bug Me Webinar Series, brought to you by eXtension and its participating Cooperative Extension Institutions. The series is coordinated by the Imported Fire Ant eXtension Community of Practice. See

Created by Kathy Flanders

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