Factoring Sustainable Agriculture into the Food vs. Fuel Debate

Webinar, organized by the international Green Power Conferences, with leading perspectives on how we should be addressing a key component of this crucial environmental issue.

Both food and fuel are vital necessities; the ever-increasing demand for food by our growing population is clear and the use of clean fuels to mitigate against climate change and environmental degradation is also imperative. A polarized debate over the 'correct' use of agricultural production is no longer useful as it is obvious that agricultural commodities will continue to be used by both the food and fuel markets.

Rather than deliberating over how agricultural products are utilized, effectively delivering sustainability and efficiency to increase crop yields through smart farming practices can calm rising tensions between end users.

Discussing best practice strategies for agricultural developers, hear from two industry leading speakers who will bridge the opposing cases for food and fuel by providing solutions that will drive sustainability in the agricultural sector:

*William J. Martin, Research Manager, Agriculture and Rural Development, World Bank
*Tony Juniper, Environmentalist; former Executive, Friends of the Earth

Created by Susan Hawkins

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