Ask an Expert and Search: What you need to know

Do you answer Ask an Expert questions? Would you like to have those answers that you spent so much time researching and writing found by the major search engines? If so, this session is for you.

Now that Ask an Expert ( has been opened to the public we need to pay particular attention to the quality of our answers, and how those answers will be evaluated by search engines. One of the primary goals for the new Ask an Expert was to get more bang for each answer by sharing them more broadly with the public. In order to share them with the public they must be found by search... the primary method people use to find content on the World Wide Web.

This session will discuss:

1) Writing discoverable answers.

2) The kiss of death for Ask an Expert: Duplicate Content

3) Links: You've GOT to have them

Give us an hour and we promise to teach you something useful!

This event will be conducted as a Google+ Hangout On Air. Attendees can view and participate in the conversation on the Google+ Event page (linked below) or on the eXtension Ask an Expert YouTube channel (

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Kevin Gamble, Beth Raney

Created by Kevin Gamble

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