Growing Healthy Shade Trees with IPM

Selecting, managing and caring for trees, especially maple, oak and honeylocust in home landscapes was the focus of this 90 minute webinar.

This webinar was developed into a Learning Module and is available online at:

Designed for Extension Master Gardeners in the North Central States, planting, fertilizer, water and preventing abiotic problems were covered by Jeff Gillman, associate professor, University of Minnesota. Michelle Grabowski, plant pathologist from the University of Minnesota discused diseases and insect pests were covered by David J. Shetlar, (the BugDoc), Professor of Urban Landscape Entomology, The Ohio State University.

The leaning module should count toward continuing education for Extension Master Gardeners, please verify this with your local coordinator. Please contact Mary Meyer with any questions or comments, Thanks to the NC IPM Center for funding to make this webinar and learning module possible.


David Shetlar, Michelle Grabowski, Jeff Gillman

Created by Mary Hockenberry Meyer

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