Institutional Team Web Conference - April 2013


1. 15-Minute Strategy
2. Michigan State University Institutional Team Report
* Also see the MSUeXtensionRationale.pdf
3. Qualtrics & State/Institutional Team Reports
4. Ask an Expert News
5. NeXC2014: Awards & Representation on Program Planning Committee
6. Governing Committee External Evaluation Status
7. Digital Information Broker Train the Trainer
8. Around the Country
9. Action Steps
10. Next meeting, Tuesday, May 7, 2013.

Join us the first Tuesday of each month for a meetup of eXtension Institutional Teams!

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Kevin Gamble, Beth Raney, Dan Cotton, Terry Meisenbach, Jerry Thomas, Sarah Baughman, Lela Vandenberg

Created by Terry Meisenbach

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