Does your digital footprint stink?

Are you concerned what your online reputation says about you? Have you applied for a job or a college, been rejected, and suspect your digital footprint is the culprit? Realizing that you have a digital footprint and reviewing it is the first step to improving your online reputation.

During this Webinar, we will examine the idea of a digital footprint. We will discuss how your digital footprint impacts your reputation overall. Finally, we will explore strategies to create an active, positive digital footprint that will enhance your overall reputation. This Webinar is for anyone who has ever posted anything online.

During the one-hour Webinar, you will learn about:

- Digital footprints both active and passive.

- Finding and assessing your digital footprint.

- Impact your digital footprint has on your reputation.

- Items employers and colleges do and don't want to see when reviewing your digital footprint.

- Strategies for creating a positive, active digital footprint.

The same Webinar will be offered on the following dates and times:

* Tuesday, 19 February at 11 am.

* Wednesday, 20 February at 11 am.

* Thursday, 21 February at 11 am.

These sessions will be held on Microsoft Lync.

Log on information:

If you do not use Lync, you will also need call in by phone.
(307) 766-1200
Conference ID: 258349


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