The promise and the reality of free and open-source desktop GIS software

Join Map@Syst for a webinar on free and open-source GIS software presented by Shane Bradt from UNH Cooperative Extension and hosted by Leslie Pelch from the Vermont Center for Geographic Information.

Webinar Overview

GIS software has the reputation of being expensive, at times prohibitively so, for organizations both big and small. Also, some potential GIS users prefer to use open-source software for philosophical reasons or to avoid licensing concerns.

In response to these and other market forces, a variety of free and open-source desktop GIS software options have emerged and become more widespread. While these packages historically lacked certain features found in commercial GIS software, the capability and usability of free and open-source GIS has improved significantly in recent years. This webinar will discuss both the promise and reality of free and open-source GIS, including reviews of the most commonly used options.


Shane Bradt

Created by Shane Bradt

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