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Contract/Employee Labor Law: When is a Worker a Horse Operation Employee?

Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 7:30 pm EST

Misclassifying workers can result in significant penalties from state and federal authorities. During this session, participants will learn about how to classify workers correctly as self-employed contractor or employee and various ways the distinction affects your operation...

Horse Boarding Operations - What is Involved?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 7:00 pm EST - Presented by Kristen Wilson

Many people think running a horse boarding business is an easy way to make money, but little do they know there is much more to it. Before diving in to this new equine business venture, it is important to know exactly what is involved and what factors you need to consider as...

Using Insurance to Protect Your Horse, Yourself, and Your Equine Business

Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 10:00 am EST

Do you have an insurance policy on your horse? What about your horse business? Learn more about the different advantages of having insurance for your equines and business through this presentation. This presentation was made as part of the first multi-state Equine Business...

Promotion, Marketing and Advertising: Tips on Social Media and Low- and No-Cost Promotion for Horse Businesses

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 10:00 am EST - Presented by Peggy Miller-Auwerda

Does your business have a website or a facebook page? Are you reaching your customers? Learn more about marketing, promoting and advertising your equine business at little to no cost through social media and other platforms. This presentation was made as part of the first...

Legal Liability and Contracts related to Equine Businesses

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 10:00 am EST

Contracts are an integral part of equine businesses. Contracts can be written for various services and agreements, including breeding contracts, boarding, leases, and training agreements. Learn more about equine business contracts and the legal responsibilities associated with...